DELE or SIELE Prep 20

Intensive Spanish course focusing entirely on preparation for the DELE or SIELE exam in a small group of max. 5 people. Suitable for all levels but check the dates for exams before deciding to study Spanish for one of these exams in Malaga. We currently have 10% off this course - only when you book with us!




Start dates 2024:February 5th; April 1st; May 6th; June 17th; September 2nd; October 7th; November 11th.

Exam and registration fees are not included. To formally register for the exam, you need to do this personally with the Instituto Cervantes at least 10 weeks before the exam date. Official DELE exam dates 2024: 16/02 (A2), 12/04 (A1-C1), 18/05 (A1-C2), 12/07 (A2-C1), 13/09 (A2), 18/10 (A2-B2), 23/11 (A1-C2).

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