This is a 2 or 4 week program and aims at intensively preparing you for the DELE exam. 20 group lessons ensure you'll be ready. Note that registration for the exam must be done personally with Instituto Cervantes. These fees are not included in the price. There's a maximum of only 8 people in a group course, and the teaching unit of 55 minutes is higher than average. The whole experience is intensive but very enjoyable. At the moment you can save up to 10% on all intensive courses!




Start dates 2024: Every Monday, all levels - including beginners. 2-week DELE course: February 5th; April 1st; May 6th; July 1st; Septmeber 2nd; October 7th; November 11th. 4-week course: January 22nd; March 18th; April 22nd; June 17th; August 19th; September 23rd; October 28th. (You can take a course without doing the exam)

Exam and registration fees are not included. To formally register for the exam, you need to do this personally with the Instituto Cervantes at least 10 weeks before the exam date. Official exam dates 2024: 16/02 (A2), 12/04 (A1-C1), 18/05 (A1-C2), 12/07 (A2-C1), 13/09 (A2), 18/10 (A2-B2), 23/11 (A1-C2).



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