DELE Prep 10 Private

Preparation for the DELE Spanish Proficiency test in the form of 10 private Spanish lessons, all entirely focused on prapring for and passing the exam. Many people combine this with an intensive 20 course. Even while studying for the DELE exam, you will have plenty of time to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture too.




Start dates 2024: Every Monday

Exam and registration fees are not included. To formally register for the exam, you need to do this personally with the Instituto Cervantes at least 10 weeks before the exam date. Official exam dates 2024: 16/02 (A2), 12/04 (A1-C1), 18/05 (A1-C2), 12/07 (A2-C1), 13/09 (A2), 18/10 (A2-B2), 23/11 (A1-C2).

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