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Barcelona is a very popular place to learn Spanish - and don't be put off by the Catalan that is spoken there too. Our Spanish have a wealth of experience and offer courses to suit every learner's needs. From intensive Spanish courses to Spanish + Tennis, there is something for everyone. After your classes have finished, there is an abundance of culture, cuisine, history and entertainment to enjoy. Barcelona has everything to offer for the language traveller. For people looking to study in a big, bustling Spanish city, and not want to be too far from the beach, you cannot go wrong here. Take a look here at our language school partners Barcelona, compare prices and find the school that meets your Spanish learning needs.

If you prefer to learn Spanish in another city, check out the best Spanish language schools in Spain - learn Spanish in Alicante, Cádiz or Granada for example.

You can also gets lots of useful information on learning Spanish, culture, cuisine and lots more in our blog on the website.