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Spanish language schools in Granada

Choosing where to learn Spanish in Spain is no easy task. However, it is safe to say that if you choose Granada, you will not de disappointed. A Spanish course in Granada, this spectacular city in Andalusia, will leave you wanting to return again and again. Granada is brimming with history and culture, stunning landmarks and not to mention the very special bar and tapas culture, which, for everyone learning Spanish here, is an absolute highlight. Our Granada language schools - all accredited by the Cervantes Institute - are all centrally located and nothing seems too far away in this medium sized city. Only 1 hour from the beach, and a 90 minute bus ride from Malaga airport, Granada is easily accesible. The large university ensures a young, vibrant feel and the friendliness of the people make it a great place to practise your Spanish. All our language schools offer a wide range of Spanish courses and free time activities to ensure you delve deeper into the fascinating culture of Granada. And the real advantage of a language course in Granada? Save up to 10% on the price of booking your Spanish course in Granada directly with our partner schools!

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