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Study Spanish at language schools in Malaga

It never ceases to surprise people who study Spanish in Malaga for the first time. This isn't the touristy destination that people tend to think it is. It's a traditional, bustling Spanish city with plenty of history, culture, markets and art. The Picasso museum is a highlight, of course, but there is so much more. Not to mention the beaches, which is where a lot of students spend their time after their Spanish lessons have finished. Malaga is the most popular destination for to learn Spanish after Madrid and our language schools in Malaga have up to 40 years of experience in teaching Spanish for foreign students. You'll find a wide range of courses and accommodation. Take a look at the schools - you'll find the Spanish course that suits your needs - from leisurely 10 lessons per week to Super-Intensive courses with 30 lessons per week.

Malaga, of course, isn't the only place where you can study Spanish in Spain. Check out our full list of language schools here, or here' a direct link to schools in Granada and Barcelona and San Sebastian.