Many thousands of people, of all ages, do Spanish courses in Spain and Latin America every year. However, if you are one of the people who have thought about the idea but never actually taken the step, hopefully this post will help answer the questions you may have about costs and whether you should book accommodation with your Spanish course or not.

When you decide to study Spanish in Spain or Latin America, there is already so much to think about. Which type of Spanish course, dates, how long, etc. The other major consideration is, of course, where to stay and the costs involved. Planning such an adventure does involve costs but, depending on where you do your Spanish immersion course, you may be surprised to hear that 1 week in a shared apartment in Alicante, for example, can cost as little as €100 per week.

Not everyone who books a Spanish course wants or needs accommodation. Some are able to stay with family and friends, they use student accommodation platforms or AirBnB or are lucky enough to stay in hotels or guesthouses. However, it is ALWAYS worth checking out the prices of the school's own accommodation options. Below is a quick overview of prices in some selected cities and countries where Estudia-España has language schools.

Let’s start with single rooms in a shared apartment. This option is great for making new friends - the people you share the apartment with will also be learning Spanish at the school you attend, and it will be a colourful mix of nationalities, languages and Spanish levels. You’ll share common facilities such as kitchen and living room and there will be everything you need for your stay to be comfortable, including kitchen utensils, washing machine, TV and plenty of private storage space for your belongings.

  • Alicante: € 100 per week
  • Granada: € 100 per week
  • Madrid: € 175 per week
  • Cadiz: € 155 per week
  • Malaga: € 160 per week
  • Valencia: € 165 per week
  • San Sebastian: € 220 per week
  • Peru: $ 250 per week
  • Argentina: $ 250 per week

As mentioned, the prices above are the cheapest available in that city at the schools on the Estudia-España website. Some schools are more expensive than others and it is definitely true that the big cities have the highest prices. Alicante and Granada are unbeatable and offer a fantastic opportunity to study Spanish in Spain at affordable prices.

In contrast to language schools in Spain, the Latin American language schools often also offer the opportunity to stay with a teacher in their home. It’s a fascinating way to learn Spanish in a truly authentic, close-up environment which will include not only lessons, but also a look at the cuisine and daily life of a teacher - all in Spanish.

Another extremely popular option is staying with a native-speaker host family. Again, this offers the chance to immerse yourself in the language and get to know how locals live and work and entertain themselves. This accommodation tends to be more expensive than the shared apartments but does usually include board - either breakfast only, breakfast and dinner or the full-board option of three meals per day. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, the families can cater for you too.

Here are some examples of prices for a single room in a host family’s house or apartment. We’ve used the example of the breakfast + dinner option:

  • Alicante: € 182 per week
  • Granada: € 182 per week
  • Barcelona: € 325 per week
  • Madrid: € 220 per week
  • Cadiz: € 250 per week
  • Malaga: € 230 per week
  • Guatemala: $ 250 per week
  • Peru: $ 320 per week
  • Buenos Aires: $ 355 per week
  • Colombia: $ 360 per week

Especially in the case of Latin America, we do encourage potential Spanish course visitors to look around for the best-priced accommodation to suit your budget. As for Spain - and especially in the case of studying in Alicante or Granada - in some places you may be pushed to find a better deal than the schools’ own accommodation.

Oh, and one other tip! If you decide to book a Spanish course abroad with a friend, the per person price for double rooms will be a little cheaper than the examples shown above. Furthermore, at many language schools in Spain and South America, the longer the length of your Spanish course and accommodation, the more attractive the per week price becomes.

If you are interested in visiting a Spanish language school abroad, take a look at the Estudia-España website. And even if you still don’t think you need to book accommodation with your Spanish course, you can still save up to 10% on the schools’ prices when booking course-only!

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