Granada is the location of some of our most popular language schools. Located in the south of Spain, in central Andalusia, Granada is home to the Alhambra. This UNESCO world heritage site is a popular tourist destination for Spaniards as well as international visitors.

International visitors won’t find it the easiest place to get to, however, with few direct flights. But don’t worry, with our guide you will still have no problem getting to what is possibly my favourite city in Spain!

Getting to Granada by plane

There are not many international flights directly to Granada. There are some connections to Paris Orly and London Gatwick, but from elsewhere, you will need a stopover. If that’s no problem for you, the Spanish budget airline Vueling offers regular flights to Madrid and Barcelona, so you are sure to find a suitable connection. Alternatively, you can take a high-speed train from Madrid straight to Granada, which might provide more options.

From the airport, bus number 245 offers a regular service to the city centre. This takes approximately 45 minutes and costs €3 each way. In comparison, a taxi will cost upwards of €30 for a 30-minute journey.

Alternatively, you can fly to Málaga, which has a much larger international airport with destinations throughout Europe - and a few transatlantic flights as well. Granada and Málaga are well-connected, with many bus and train connections each day offering you plenty of flexibility on your journey. More details about the train and bus connections can be found below.

Getting to Granada by train

Since 2019, Granada has been connected to Spain’s high-speed railway network. Three trains per day connect Granada with Madrid (duration: approx. 3 hours), while there is also one daily train to Barcelona (duration: approx. 6.5 hours).

There are also direct trains from Malaga, which has a much bigger international airport. There is a fast train on this line that takes a little under 90 minutes and costs around €19. A cheaper but much slower connection is also available.

Getting to Granada by bus

Spain has an impressive network of long-distance buses, and Granada is well-connected here as well. Just like the trains, Spain’s long-distance buses are clean, comfortable and safe, and also have a reliable internet connection.

There are regular buses from Málaga and we recommend travelling with Alsa, a renowned long-distance bus company in Spain. A single journey takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours, depending on the route, and is normally much cheaper than the train. If you book far enough in advance, tickets can be purchased on the Alsa website for as little as €3.50!

Buses to Granada leave from Málaga airport as well as from the bus station in the city centre. Connections to other cities, such as Sevilla (3 hours, from €5) and Madrid (5 hours, from €9) are also available. The Alsa website is a great resource for planning your trip.

Once you get to Granada: finding the city centre

Both the bus station and train station are located in the north of the city. While the train station is a 20-minute walk from the city centre, the bus station is probably twice as far. In both cases, it is probably easier to take a bus or the metro to the old town.

Both the bus and train station are located on Granada’s one and only metro line (this is essentially a tram, with only the three inner-city stops located underground). The metro does not take you right into the old town, so if your accommodation is located here, it might be easier to take a bus. Bus number 33 from the bus station and bus number 4 from the train station take you right into the city, stopping close to the cathedral. A single journey costs €1.40 and you can pay the driver when you enter the bus.

Getting to Granada by car

Driving a car into Granada is not recommended. The city has strict access rules for entering the old town. Check with the owner of your accommodation to see if parking is available, and if it is even possible to get access to the old town. If not, we suggest that you use one of the parking garages located around the edges of the city centre.

The drive from Granada to the coast - either along the motorway or along the winding mountain roads - is spectacular, with beautiful scenery along the way. And a trip to the Sierra Nevada mountains is also easier by car. However, from the moment you arrive in the city until you leave, you will not need a car at all, and are you are best leaving it parked up in the nearest parking garage for the duration of your stay.

Spain is probably one of the easiest and most comfortable countries to take advantage of the public transport networks, and Granada is no exception. If you have any questions about your trip, feel free to contact us. If you have booked a language course in Granada, your language school will be in touch a couple of weeks before your course with more detailed information about how to find the school and the location of your accommodation.