offers a wide range of Spanish courses at schools all over Spain and Latin America. You might at first feel a little overwhelmed by the number of courses available. But don’t worry, we are here to help you with an overview of all of the courses available.

Intensive courses

These are the typical courses available at schools across the world. We define intensive courses as anything with 20 or more lessons per week. These are split equally over 5 days and typically take place in the mornings. The rest of the day is free for you to explore the town or city and practise those new words and phrases!

20 lessons is considered the standard, but there are many schools that offer 25 or even 30 lessons per week! Remember to divide the total by 5 to work out how many lessons to expect each day. 20 lessons per week means 4 lessons per day (of up to 60 minutes). But a 30 lesson course means 2 additional lessons each day. This is ideal if you really want to make real progress, but don’t forget that this will eat into your free time that you could spend in a museum, on the beach or in a tapas bar!

Try to also take your own individual attention span into account. 4 lessons are a lot of new words, phrases and grammar rules. Think realistically about whether you think you can handle the extra work that goes with it.

Part-time courses

Some schools offer part-time courses with 10 or 15 lessons per week. These are a much less intense experience, but you will also learn at a much slower pace compared with our intensive courses.

This type of course usually only makes sense if you have time constraints, or if you are staying long-term. These lessons are also ideal if you want to learn alongside your work or studies.

1-on-1 courses

Most schools also offer individual courses, where you have a Spanish teacher all to yourself. This is sometimes also available as 2-on-1, if you and a friend have the same goals.

This is a great way to enjoy a personalised Spanish learning experience, where you set your own pace, and can focus on topics and themes that interest you. You will however, not enjoy the experience of learning together with a group, which often leads to plenty of social activities and new friendships.

Or do you want the best of both worlds? Lots of schools offer a combination of a 20 lesson intensive course and an additional 5 or 10 private lessons each week. This way you can reap the benefits of an intensive course, and then strengthen what you learned in the morning session with 1-on-1 afternoon sessions.

Over 50s

The great thing about learning Spanish is that you will meet people of all ages and all backgrounds, from all over the world. However, it must be said that a large majority of students in any one course will be under 30.

If you are put off by such a large age gap, many schools cater to the over 50s (or sometimes over 55s) with special courses just for you. You can learn Spanish with like-minded individuals around your age, while the schools arrange special activities outside of the classroom, such as cultural tours or cooking lessons, to make your experience all the more enjoyable.

Special Interest courses

If you want to do more than just learn Spanish, our special interest courses are for you. On top of an intensive Spanish course (usually 20 lessons), you can also learn a new hobby as well: from surfing or windsurfing to cooking and flamenco dancing!

The Spanish lessons are typically in the morning, while the other activities take place in the afternoons or evenings.

This is a great way to enhance your Spanish language experience: not only will you have more chances to practise your new language, but you also get a great insight into the local culture.

Long-term courses

These courses are self-explanatory: lessons over multiple weeks or months, for those looking to get a good grasp of the Spanish language, perhaps with a view to getting a qualification that allows participation on Spanish university degrees. Or it might be that you need to reach a certain level of Spanish in order to apply for permanent residency.

These courses are designed for those who plan to live in Spain or Latin America permanently.

With all of the options available, the only thing left is for you to decide which type of course you want to book! Take a look at all the options on our website and book your unforgettable Spanish course today!